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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Failed advertising campaigns: ways outШакун, А.
2019Faith – language – nation identity in the Basilians’ Cathechism 1722Skivitski, D. V.
2020Fake News Spreading in India: a New UpdateШерешевская, М.
2018«Family» metaphors in business EnglishLavrovski, A.; Akhramenko, R.
2017Filme im DAF-UnterrichtSommerfeld, А.
2020Fishing Industry in the UK: the Worst-Case ScenarioСолодилина, А.
2020Food Waste in America: Threatening RealityЯнковец, Я.
2018Gen Y or Why Change?Kurs, T.
2020Gender Discrimination in India: Scenario and SolutionsКолесникович, Д.
2018Gender Marked and Gender Neutral Job Titles: a Matter of CommunicationSoroka, А.-А.; Lavrovsky, А.
2018German Borrowings in American English and Their Impact on American ToponymyVoskobovich, K. A.
2017The German Factor in the Emergence of American EnglishVoskobovich, K. A.
2019Gesture as a Key Factor of Successful Business PresentationsButyrkina, I. S.
2020Gun Violence as an Alarming Epidemic of the American SocietyШибалович, А.
2019Heritage Tourism in India: Perspectives and Ways of Creating the Nation’s Cultural ImageЯкубовская, M.
2020The Historic Factor in the Emergence of Hong Kong EnglishKravtsova, М.
2018How to Avoid Verbosity when Translating from Russian into EnglishБелобрудова, Ю. В.
2019“I Am Not a Freak!” Delia Bacon as a Dramatis PersonaVysotska, N.
2020Image linguistique du locuteur natif du nord de la France par le biais de l’œuvre d’Alexandre DesrousseauxFIlimonova, I. Yu.
2019Imagery Space of English Poetic DramaPerederiy, A. N.