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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020120-й авиаполк (Белорусская авиагруппа) Гражданского воздушного флота в годы Великой Отечественной войны (1941–1945)Щавлинский, Н. Б.
202020 гадоў пасля: новае прачытанне дакументаў калекцыі «Александрыйскія мікрафільмы»Новікаў, С. Я.
201655 гадоў на службе адукацыі, навуцы, моладзіНовікаў, С. Я.
2019Acquiring Diplomatic Language while Learning English for Special PurposesHets, M. G.
2019Ad hoc rules: the grammar behind the grammarVogel, R.
2020Air Pollution Deaths in WalesЖук, А.
2019Amasing Holiday Experience in New Zealand: an Unrivalled New ItineraryТрепенок, М.
2020American Ghettos: Looking for Some LoveБылин, Е.
2019An Approach to Teaching CultureКончакова, Е. П.
2018Autographilia as the way of motivating in learning EnglishSinyavskaya, A.
2019The Basic Features of South African English and Their Reflection Presented in the Novel by J. M. Coetzee «Scenes From Provincial Life»Пунько, О.
2020Being Entirely Dependent on Up-To-Date Gadgets: Alarm for the American CommunityСопелева, Е.; Решетникова, З.
2020Belarus and Canada: Cross-Cultural Differences and SimilaritiesКовалёва, А.
2017Bilateral Sociolinguistic Correlations between the Indigenous Maori and the European NewcomersKaplunou, P. Y.
2020«The black country bugle» как средство сохранения культурного регионального наследия АнглииРоманчук, П.
2020Boris Johnson’s Immigration PolicyRogozhkina, N.; Roskach, V.
2019Boston Education Trail: Particular Perspectives for the BestКазакова, М.
2019Brexit and the Awareness of Major Social Changes in Britain in Attaining Language CompetenceKozikis, D.
2020Brexit and the Fate of the English Language in EuropeKozikis, D. D.
2018Britain and the Outside WorldДерман, Т. А.