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Title: The awareness of social factors in the development of English both in language studies and translation
Authors: Kozikis, D. D.
Shchepacheva, T. Y.
Keywords: Языкознание (лингвистика)
Частное языкознание. Языки мира
Английский язык
Лексикология. Лексическая семантика
Лингвистика текста. Лингвостилистика
Язык и речь
Методика преподавания отдельных языков
Методика преподавания отдельных языков в вузе
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Минский государственный лингвистический университет
Citation: Жизнь языка в культуре и социуме : сб. науч. ст. – Минск : МГЛУ, 2021. – С. 63-65.
Abstract: The article is purported to enhance the awareness of the teacher and student involved in language studies and translation affected by the social changes both in the mother country and beyond when boundaries between standard speech and unorthodox usage are becoming increasingly fuzzy. Such trends remain high on the agenda by a professional teacher of English or interpreter involved in teaching English in professional terms.
ISBN: 978-985-28-0028-0
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