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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Gebremstes Gedenken in BelarusNovikau, S.; Saal von, Y.
2018Gen Y or Why Change?Kurs, T.
2020Gender Discrimination in India: Scenario and SolutionsКолесникович, Д.
2018Gender Marked and Gender Neutral Job Titles: a Matter of CommunicationSoroka, А.-А.; Lavrovsky, А.
2022The genre of Christmas tale in Ch. Dickens’ workLiang, Xiao.
2014Geography of Belarus' Interests: IndonesiaLopato-Zagorsky, V.
2018German Borrowings in American English and Their Impact on American ToponymyVoskobovich, K. A.
2017The German Factor in the Emergence of American EnglishVoskobovich, K. A.
2019Gesture as a Key Factor of Successful Business PresentationsButyrkina, I. S.
2022The great barrier reef: vulnerabilities and solutions for future existenceЖигарь, Т.
2021Growing Tendencies to Leave American Megalopolises in Coronavirus RealityФадеева, Т.
2023The Grownup by Gillian Flynn as an Example of Modern Ghost WritingKurs, Tatiana
2021The Growth of an Authentic Māori Tourism in New ZealandНиколайчик, А.
2020Gun Violence as an Alarming Epidemic of the American SocietyШибалович, А.
2022“He менее ў сэрцы адвагі…”: праблема эстэтычнага абнаўлення ў творчасці Міхася СтральцоваКісліцына, Г. М.
2019Heritage Tourism in India: Perspectives and Ways of Creating the Nation’s Cultural ImageЯкубовская, M.
2020The Historic Factor in the Emergence of Hong Kong EnglishKravtsova, М.
2020The Historic Victory of Sinn Féin in the 2020 Irish Elections and its ConsequencesKozikis, D. D.; Shchepacheva, T. Y.
2016History and Business. The Belgian ApproachVandenbroele, F.
2022History of British Colonization in India and its Impact on the Development of Indian EnglishМартыненко, П.