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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018El tema del terrorismo a través de la poesía contemporáneaРагожник, М.
2019English as a killer-language: English borrowings in contemporary PolishGarcarz, M.; Kuźniak, M.
2020The English Language as a Means of Communication of Contemporary TeenagersGordeeva, D.; Mantsevich, V. A.
2020Environmental Impacts of Climate Change in the Fiji IslandsВолкова, Е.
2020The Everglades National Park in Florida, the USA – the Unique Corner of the WorldБуракевич, Е.; Алешкевич, Н. Н.
2020Failed advertising campaigns: ways outШакун, А.
2019Faith – language – nation identity in the Basilians’ Cathechism 1722Skivitski, D. V.
2020Fake News Spreading in India: a New UpdateШерешевская, М.
2018«Family» metaphors in business EnglishLavrovski, A.; Akhramenko, R.
2017Filme im DAF-UnterrichtSommerfeld, А.
2020Fishing Industry in the UK: the Worst-Case ScenarioСолодилина, А.
2020Food Waste in America: Threatening RealityЯнковец, Я.
2018Gen Y or Why Change?Kurs, T.
2020Gender Discrimination in India: Scenario and SolutionsКолесникович, Д.
2018Gender Marked and Gender Neutral Job Titles: a Matter of CommunicationSoroka, А.-А.; Lavrovsky, А.
2018German Borrowings in American English and Their Impact on American ToponymyVoskobovich, K. A.
2017The German Factor in the Emergence of American EnglishVoskobovich, K. A.
2019Gesture as a Key Factor of Successful Business PresentationsButyrkina, I. S.
2020Gun Violence as an Alarming Epidemic of the American SocietyШибалович, А.
2019Heritage Tourism in India: Perspectives and Ways of Creating the Nation’s Cultural ImageЯкубовская, M.