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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Case-технология как инструмент формирования речевой компетенции на иностранном языкеЯкухина, Л. В.; Торчик, И.
2019Categorization levels and semantic variation in intercultural communication in scienceBarasheva, D. E.
2020Challenges and Opportunities for Tourism Industry in CanadaСмирнова, В.; Лепешкова, Д.
2018Civil Rights Movement and Literary Representation: Politics and AestheticsStulov, Y.
2019Cognitive dissonance in mixed metaphors and malaphors as the variability in discourse in British humourTaymour, Maria P.
2017Collective Memory: Alternative Ways of Remembering in BulgariaAnisimovich, А.К.
2020The Commonwealth of Nations: a Reliable Unity for the Tried-and-TrueПетракова, Е.
2018Contemporary Socio-Political Vacillations: Their Socio-Cultural Connotations and Challenges of TranslationKozikis, D.
2018Contextual Equivalents of SynonymsMikayilova, А. R.
2019Cultural Contrasts and Cultural Displacements in the Fiction of Bobby Ann MasonKudriavtseva, I.
2020Cоциальные сети в образовании: положительные и отрицательные стороныБарковский, А.
2020Cпособы образования различных частей речи от прилагательных white и weißБухаткина, Е. А.
2019Designing Culturally Friendly ELT Syllabus and MaterialsGurbanov, Meretguly
2020Devastating Australian Wildfires: Chances to RecoverФедорченко, Н.; Мартинкевич, А.
2019The Development of Critical Thinking SkillsДерман, Т. А.; Кончакова, Е. П.
2019Difficulties in Translation of Commercial SlogansOsiyanova, A. V.; Puzikova, M. А.
2019The Diversity of Landscapes in Canada: Comparative StudiesХацкевич, Е.
2019Dreams in Graham Greene’s Novel the Quiet AmericanKurs, T.
2018El tema del terrorismo a través de la poesía contemporáneaРагожник, М.
2019English as a killer-language: English borrowings in contemporary PolishGarcarz, M.; Kuźniak, M.