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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019U AND non-U EnglishНепевная, В.
2018The UK Brexit Vacillations and Their Socio-Cultural ConnotationsКозикис, Д. Д.
2019UK Charities and Their Role WorldwideRazhanets, M.; Tikhon, T.
2022UNESCO in Italy: cultural sites to visitКузьминых, М.
2020The unforeseen influence of Brexit on the status of English in the European UnionKozikis, D. D.
2018The Unique History of Newfoundland and its Influence on the Socio-Cultural Development of the Province and the Newfoundland Variety of Canadian EnglishZinkevich, A.
2021The Unique History of Socio-Cultural Developments in the Newfoundland Vernacular of Canadian EnglishСмушко, В.
2019United States-Canada Trade and Economicrelationship: Prospects and ChallengesБоричевская, Е.
2020The US Vanishing Cities as a Significant Indicator of the Global CrisisКрень, А.; Парагас, А.
2020US-Mexico Drug Trafficking: the Endless Battle to StopГанжа, К.; Барановская, К.
2023The Use and Function of Proverbial Language in LiteratureKurs, T.
2020The Use of Denglish at the Beginning of the Process of Learning German as a Second Foreign LanguageSaputo, A.; Stepanov, A. A.
2019The Use of Podcasts for the Formation оf Communicative Competence in Foreign Language ClassesSapukh, T. V.
2019The Use of Similarities of English and German at the Beginning of the Progess of Learning German as a Second Foreign LanguageSaputo, A.; Stepanov, A. A.
2019Variability and identity in phraseology (on the basis of phraseological units with the verb go)Fedulenkova, T. N.
2019Variable nature of the adressing strategy in the modern ukrainian literary textHalaur, S. P.
2019Variations in vocabulary between European Spanish and Latin-American SpanishChunyi Lei
2020The Vegan Community in Britain: Recent TrendsБрусницына, В.
2023“A Walled Garden” by P. Taylor from the Perspective of Feminist Literary CriticismKudriavtseva, I.
2021We must not think of the things we could do with, but only of the things that we can’t do without: о функционировании английских модальных глаголовНикитенко, О.