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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Selfie:маленькое слово, покорившее мирЧударь, А. Н.
2020Semantical and Grammatical Structure of Igbo Proverbs in “Things Fall Apart” and Their Translation into RussianObanor, J.
2020Sex Education in Pakistan: the Urgent Call to Action for a CountryБуйницкая, М.
2020The Significance of Maori Culture in New Zealand’s Society TodayЗолотарь, А.
2020Socio-Economic Aspects of the UK Miners’ Strikes in the 1980sBogdanovich, I.
2019Some Aspects of Conflict in Tess of the D’Urbervilles and Anna KareninaMobarakabadi, Ebrahim
2018South-African English and its Major FeaturesPunko, O.
2020Spanglish в современной рекламеХаританович, И.
2020Strategies of argumentation in artistic discourseKireichuk, E. Y.
2020Subjunctive I in American SeriesKsenzhevskaya, M.
2018Summa dialogica: парадигмальные характеристики диалогизма в современной философииМайборода, Д. В.
2019Sustainable Tourism Initiatives in the UKRogozhkina, N.
2018Teacher Professional Development: Language and MeaningЭкхарт, Роберт
2020Tolkien Tourism in New Zealand: the Lord of the Rings LegacyЛюдчик, С.
2019Types of Ambiguity in LinguisticsAl-najm Maysoon Salah Shakir
2020Types of Evaluation Criteria for Machine TranslationOdai Wardeh
2019U AND non-U EnglishНепевная, В.
2018The UK Brexit Vacillations and Their Socio-Cultural ConnotationsКозикис, Д. Д.
2019UK Charities and Their Role WorldwideRazhanets, M.; Tikhon, T.
2020The unforeseen influence of Brexit on the status of English in the European UnionKozikis, D. D.