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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Heritage Tourism in India: Perspectives and Ways of Creating the Nation’s Cultural ImageЯкубовская, M.
2020The Historic Factor in the Emergence of Hong Kong EnglishKravtsova, М.
2018How to Avoid Verbosity when Translating from Russian into EnglishБелобрудова, Ю. В.
2019“I Am Not a Freak!” Delia Bacon as a Dramatis PersonaVysotska, N.
2020Image linguistique du locuteur natif du nord de la France par le biais de l’œuvre d’Alexandre DesrousseauxFIlimonova, I. Yu.
2019Imagery Space of English Poetic DramaPerederiy, A. N.
2020The Impact of the History of the Colonization of New England and its Influence on the Formation of the Boston Dialect of American EnglishМинюк, Д.
2020Inbound Tourism in Canada: The Open-Closed BorderЕфименко, А.
2019India’s Significant Economic Challenges in it FieldМалишевская, Д.
2017«Input» – «Output». А что делать дальше?Болдова, Т. А.
2020The Inspiring Beauty and Geographic Wonders of Yellowstone National ParkСкарбан, П.; Алешкевич, Н. Н.
2018Interpretation of the Word Wisdom on the Basis of Dictionaries and its Symbolic Landscape in the English LanguageMahmudova Aygun Vahid
2019Interview with Roger CraikPervushina, L.
2020The Italian Accent in EnglishZayats, A.
2011IX Міжнародная навуковая канферэнцыя ў МДЛУНовікаў, С. Я.
2018La creación e integración de conceptos culturales Españoles por medio del aprendizaje experiencialSánchez Parrón, J. A.
2020The Last-Chance Tourism: Destination AustraliaГусева, А.; Алешкевич, Н. Н.
2018Lexemes Denoting Culture-Specific Elements in English-Language Fiction and Ways of Rendering by Means of the Russian Language (Based on the Novel Pushkin and the Queen of Spades by A. Randall)Trigubovich, A. O.
2020Lexical and Phonetic Features of Australian EnglishОрлова, Е.
2020Lexical and Phonetic Features of Liverpool EnglishИвченко, А.