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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022“He менее ў сэрцы адвагі…”: праблема эстэтычнага абнаўлення ў творчасці Міхася СтральцоваКісліцына, Г. М.
2019Heritage Tourism in India: Perspectives and Ways of Creating the Nation’s Cultural ImageЯкубовская, M.
2020The Historic Factor in the Emergence of Hong Kong EnglishKravtsova, М.
2020The Historic Victory of Sinn Féin in the 2020 Irish Elections and its ConsequencesKozikis, D. D.; Shchepacheva, T. Y.
2016History and Business. The Belgian ApproachVandenbroele, F.
2022History of British Colonization in India and its Impact on the Development of Indian EnglishМартыненко, П.
2021The History of the Colonization of South Africa and its Influence on the Emergence of South African EnglishРадченко, Ю.
2023How India’s Record-Breaking Population Will Shape the WorldАлехнович, В.
2018How to Avoid Verbosity when Translating from Russian into EnglishБелобрудова, Ю. В.
2021How to Get to Australia: Actual DifficultiesТарасевич, М.
2022How universal mental operations that are not specific to language create highly diverse linguistic and cultural systems of communicationTurner, M.
2021“Hutarka biłaruska” Ф. Пчыцкага: праблемы атрыбуцыі і тэксталогііХаўстовіч, М.
2019“I Am Not a Freak!” Delia Bacon as a Dramatis PersonaVysotska, N.
2020Image linguistique du locuteur natif du nord de la France par le biais de l’œuvre d’Alexandre DesrousseauxFIlimonova, I. Yu.
2022Image schemas as a way to understanding а schizophrenic world picture in narrative аnd autobiographical discourseManerko, L.
2019Imagery Space of English Poetic DramaPerederiy, A. N.
2022Images in K. Ishiguro’s “Never let me go”Song, Yingchao.
2021Immigration Flow to the Usa: Recent TendenciesРадюк, Н.
2021Immigration to Australia: Still Advantageous to Live in the Country?Орлова, Е.
2020The Impact of the History of the Colonization of New England and its Influence on the Formation of the Boston Dialect of American EnglishМинюк, Д.